I Struck Gold Today

This is not going to be a very long, drawn out post this afternoon, but I wanted to share what I found. I was scrolling through LinkedIn and came across a video that I could’ve swore read “Time With The Chaplain”, so I clicked on it. If I would’ve read this accurately I might’ve missed this opportunity. This material belongs to Captain Shain Vick, an EMS captain in Colorado who has started a Bible study for those of us in EMS. This is huge. It’s so hard sometimes to remember that God is with you at work, especially some of the scenes we end up on, but these videos marry the job with scripture. I put the link in the videos section of the links and resources page.

The strange thing is I was just preparing for an upcoming podcast interview earlier today where one of the questions was pertaining to essentially whether this job promotes or deters spirituality. I will have more information about this interview later, but for now go to my links page and find “Time With The Captain–EMS Bible Study” and like and subscribe. He is great!!!!

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