What do you need in a church?

Growing up the way I did, I thought Sundays were the most boring days of the week. I HAD to go to church with my parents. They had to bribe me with so much: snacks, coloring books, matchbox cars. What was it about going to church that turned me away from it? Hymns? Rituals? I know I always felt like I was doing something wrong all week and could finally be absolved of everything if only for this hour on Sunday.

Why did church have to be like this? I had one impression of church, so when I found the church that has led to the biggest transformation of my life, I didn’t know what to think. I mean I knew I was home. A place so strange that felt so familiar. Between watching online when I can’t be physically present and being there when I can, I have not missed a Sunday since the Sunday before Veteran’s Day last year.

I had a taste of something special. I wanted more. I dug in deeper and have turned the course of my family’s life around. If anyone was wondering how I became a Christian overnight, not just title but practice, I want you to look at the link I am sharing. Bayshore Community Church is located in Rehoboth Beach, De, Fenwick Island, De, and Millsboro, De and is live on YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify every Sunday. I can’t walk you through the doors myself, but if part of you feels funny about walking into church, I want you to take a look at our church. Watch a whole video. Then go through the other videos by title and click one that speaks to you. I spent the last 2 decades believing that church wasn’t for me, but I promise you with the right church you will see that God absolutely is for you.

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