Seeking Public Speaking Opportunities

Since publishing The Double-Edged Sword almost one year ago, I have developed a public lecture format to address the themes contained in the book. The presentation is available in both its original Christian format or a secular version for more diverse crowds.

I am currently seeking to speak at EMS conferences and seminars as well as any open public forum. Educational applications are also of interest. To request an in-person presentation, please fill out the contact tab of this website.

The Double-Edged Sword shines light on the idea that we don’t really take the time to get to know our coworkers. In many cases, we take them at face value for the duration of the shift. We don’t hear of their struggles. We don’t notice when they’re a little off. We don’t know what kind of conditions they live in when they get home. Suicide sends shockwaves through any workplace. While we can never truly see inside another person’s mind to see what they are thinking, we can be more open to them to understand. Included in the presentation is consideration of others and suicide awareness.

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