Happy Anniversary To Me

One year ago yesterday, I publicly gave my life to God, declaring that I am a Jesus follower. My plunge into the baptismal was symbolic of a death to the life that I knew and a rebirth in Christ who strengthens me. And strengthen me he has.

Soon after, much like Jesus, I was tested. Things at work were left uncertain. My role at home was hindered by my inability to shake my work mindset. Bills were behind. Expenses were higher than I was bringing home. And yet, I survived it.

Jesus, himself, was tempted by the devil after his baptism when he set out for isolation in the desert. Jesus was perfect, so of course I struggled throughout my trials. But it was different this time. I was shown grace and mercy and in turn was able to pick up my pieces and drive on. I thank God every day for my church community and pray that you might find your way to a church as well. I don’t mean to brag about Jesus, but if you don’t know Him, I wish you could have just a glimpse of what I’ve discovered.

Pastor Joel Tice in the basement at Bayshore Community Church, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, US.

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