When all I see is a mountain, God, you see a mountain moved

The value of an EMS chaplain cannot be understated, but sadly it’s underutilized. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the work of the day while still dwelling on that thing at home. Sometimes we are just not as spiritually available to our patients whose spirit alone is injured.

“The hot lead bullet had lodged itself in the ceiling. Her daughter sat in the living room, holding onto a letter from her mother telling her how much she loved her.

When the chaplain arrived, he listened intently as the daughter reported events of the day. My partner that day, a mother of many children, was also the designated mother for our company. She was always the one who would check on you first after a bad call. She was the one you could vent to without your frustrations being spread far and wide. She stood with this girl wiping her tears and offering bottled water while she talked with the chaplain. I sat in the ambulance, ipad in hand, and did my paperwork for this run. In this moment of profound mourning, Pastor Curtis looked at the girl and offered to pray with her.

Amidst his prayer and his counsel, he looked her in the eyes and said, “If you had known that on this day, at this time this would happen, you would have moved mountains to prevent it.” These words have stuck with me and remain a powerful memory from this scene. In that moment he visibly eased the guilt on that girl’s face. As if she had a deep spiritual epiphany, she stopped blaming herself. This is not to say that her mourning was over; but from that moment, she never once repeated that it was her fault for not being home when it happened.” Christopher Turnbull, The Double-Edged Sword

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