I’m New at This

Initially when I released “The Double-Edged Sword,” I was nervous that I was putting myself out in the open for anybody to view. The thing that gave me the confidence to do this was that I was not just writing my story. I was telling people about the difference God has made in my life just by me opening the channels of communication with Him. Having released the book, I am caught off guard when a colleague or somebody I haven’t met congratulates me on the book. It’s easy for me to forget that I did this, but the mission is not forgotten. God did a work in me that I pray He does in so many more people. I understand that God is not a priority for many people. I pray for them, but I also hope that in lieu of God, they have some strong support backing they can turn to in a time of crisis. The job we do is not easy, and we are only one phone call away from the worst call of our career.

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