I can show you better than I can tell you

It’s funny the things that will stick with you for your whole life. The title of this post is a quote from Army basic training. One of our drill sergeants used this line at least hourly when he was warning us that some corrective action was to come. Until now, this has held a negative connotation with me. Now, this is my testimony.

Yesterday, in Church, the pastor preaching was commenting on our Easter service almost a month ago. He stated his favorite part of the service was a video that I shared with everyone in attendance at any of our 3 campuses and watching online. He said that I challenged him. I’m sorry, but I am not in a position to challenge a pastor. He said when I stated my wife and I pray together out loud every night, that it spoke to him. Of course he prays over meals and when he’s alone and when he’s about to crush waves on a good surf day. But I guess he and his wife haven’t had this end of the day intimacy. My story has touched one of my pastors, actually both.

After the service, everyone was funneling outside. The lead pastor came up to me and told me that he keeps hearing my name come up. A woman in our Thursday night small group, who we regard as the resident Bible expert, approached him before first service. She told him that there is this Chris in her small group whose faith has touched her. She said that the newness and excitement towards catching up on Christianity that I exhibit has called her to be less complacent in her faith and power on excited to learn more, just as I do.

God is using me to reach people. I haven’t targeted anybody to say “follow me” or to corner into a coffee shop and hear my story. Instead people I am contacting passively are actively engaged by me. How is God speaking to you or through you? Even if you aren’t in church every Sunday, do you recognize His presence in your life?

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