I laughed in her face

When I took English 101, my professor told me at the end of the semester that I will be published one day. I laughed in her face. I did not like reading. I definitely did not like writing. I explained to her it was just for a grade.

Now, several years later, I am sitting here reflecting on my book. I vented so many thoughts onto my laptop that night. I had 60 pages of thoughts after 7 hours. Part of me was impressed with the speed at which the thoughts flowed through my fingers onto the Word document. I had this thing. It was a very long journal entry. Part of me wanted to delete it. I got all my thoughts out, so nothing left to do. I played around for a few days adding stories and elaborating on some of the thoughts. Before I knew it, I had a lot of content. I sent it off to an editor to help me organize. She told me that she read the whole thing and needs to know what virtual bookshelf I want to see my book on. She listed off so many genres that my book covers.

When I finally released The Double-Edged Sword, I was not expecting anything. Perhaps if a reader picked it up and told somebody else about it, I could prevent one suicide. I was overwhelmed when I saw how many people were buying my book, mostly people I knew at first. They sent me screenshots of their Amazon order. But there were other people buying it as well. The response has been phenomenal.

The book is written in a tone to speak to colleagues in EMS, but the message seems to have transcended genres. I have heard from a lot of people telling me how a particular piece spoke to them. I have made a lot of people cry. My original goal still stands, prevent another suicide. After some of the people who have reached out to me, I have decided that I want to speak about my book whenever the opportunity arises. I have never despised public speaking when it’s something that interests me. Imagine how amazing it would be to connect personally with my readers. I could listen to their stories, share more of mine, pray over them, cry with them, laugh with them.

If I ever get the chance, I want to seek out my English 101 professor and give her the opportunity to have the last laugh… right in my face as deserved. And then with all the humility I possess, I want to come to you. I want to present my story to you and share with you that while it is my story, there is something so much bigger at play in all of this.

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