“Anybody who comes into this job is brought up by a team of providers who will help to educate, train, and make the provider a better version of themself. Everyone we encounter has something to offer us. As you build on the educational foundation of the job, senior providers will offer you their tips and tricks to offer shortcuts or a more thorough way of documenting or just a different mentality to the overall approach. They’ve experienced things differently and have adapted to their experiences as they have shaped the provider they have ultimately become. In much the same way, I believe that everybody we contact in our lives is put there with a purpose as well. I believe this theory applies to all aspects of our lives regardless of the faction people label themselves into. In the emergency services, we adapt pieces of our partners to ourselves and to the type of clinician we will ultimately become.” –Christopher Turnbull, Author “The Double-Edged Sword” Buy the book here…/dp/B0924NDQ3J


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