HIS Mercy and Grace is New Every Day, Hour, Minute, Second, Instant

I’ve hated this man. I’ve not loved him at full capacity. I’ve fed him lies & told him he wasn’t good enough and have allowed others to tell him he wasn’t good enough. He has been broken. He has allowed others to treat him disrespectfully. He has run through brick walls & battle for others who won’t even stand up for him. He couldn’t stop individuals from abandoning him, yet I’ve seen him get up and stand to be a light to the world & love others despite all that. He has stood paralyzed by fear while he fought battles in his mind, heart and soul.

This man has screwed up many times, as a son, husband, father, nephew, boyfriend, cousin, friend, Brother and leader because he doesn’t always say or do the “right things”. He has secrets. He has scars… because he has a history.

Some people love this man, some like him, and some people don’t care for him at all. He has done good in his life. He has done bad in his life. He is random and sometimes silly. He is who he is.

You can love him or not. But if he loves you, he will do it with his whole heart, and he will make no apologies for the way he is.

This man is a WARRIOR & A SURVIVOR. He’s not perfect but he has a lot of WORTH!

If you have not read The Double-Edged Sword, buy it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0924NDQ3J

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