Goodbye, Melinda

Well, I have been putting this off for days hoping that it wasn’t real, but here we are. Melinda Fultz, where do I even begin? We met when I was still in high school, but your impact didn’t start until years later. Steven and I were chasing people away all evening after the plane crashed. They wanted to get up close and personal. Steven and I just wanted pizza, you pulled through. Little did I know then that a few years later we would be working together as EMTs. Hard to believe we both survived it. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the amount of times you wanted to slap me for something. But then on the flipside, you were my bad influence in the first place. I’ll never forget the long drives up to Sunbury or out to Lancaster together to stand on the sidelines for the roller derby girls. But then we wouldn’t have had so many teams to stand by for if it wasn’t for all your hard work and dedication. Oh yeah, Pam thought I needed to be broken out of my shell, so she thought it would be hilarious to send me to that first bout. I have no idea how after all of the shenanigans Shannon thought it was a good idea to make me Kayden’s godfather, let alone have me at her side for the C section. I guess through it all, no matter how much time passed between seeing each other, we always had each other’s back. Wow have I failed. I took for granted so many opportunities to come see you before and even after your stroke. I remember the night we went to a viewing together for the guy that got hit in front of our station. If I was going, you were going. It was the mom in you that you showed me so many times. I’ll miss your stories, food recommendations, cooking, humor, and just the person you were. You truly were one of a kind. I just wish I would have showed it better. I just want you to know that your efforts and impact never went unnoticed. I love you. Rest easy.

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