You’re here, but have you read the book?

Are you missing out on the story that could save yours or a coworker’s life?

Recent review by Emilee Jackson, book critic: “Medical professionals especially EMS providers (or paramedics) play a significant role in preserving lives. But they are barely acknowledged for their selfless efforts. And sometimes the fact, that even they are just simple humans like us, slips out of our minds. Even they go through periods of stress and personal struggles and it works like ‘The Double-Edged Sword’ by Christopher Turnbull that brings these problems to light.

The author, being an inherent part of this circle, has tried to bring out the lessons that he has learned in the field, over the twenty years of his career. He urges his fellow EMS workers to look after each other, not just on the field, but also on a more personal level. He even touches on topics like their home life, mental issues and struggles as well. The book opens up with the author stating how he was influenced by his father’s occupation and saw that as a way of helping people. What follows is a detailed description of how he finally entered the medical profession. We also come across the religious leanings of the author which, with age, reduced considerably, but eventually that bond was reforged stronger than ever. This is showcased by the importance the author lays on God throughout the work. Thus, it is a compilation of events that have shaped the author as a man, be it professionally, personally or religiously. The work is not filled with just philosophical advice but contains proper technical ways through which paramedics can lead a happier life.

Having read the work, I can confidently say that what engaged my attention was the fact that the narrative is intimate and heartfelt; and is coloured with several autobiographical streaks, as the author himself has been through these incidents in his life as an EMS provider. Even the language of the narrative is conversational and heartfelt and aids in building up intimacy. Highly recommended!”

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