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Thank you Sassy Reviews for your recent review of my book:

“The Double-Edged Sword” written by the author Christopher Turnbull is a must read. In this book, the author who is an experienced paramedic has shared his experiences in the emergency services. Paramedics have a career of saving strangers. They are expected to make things better for others but what happens when the caregiver needs care? Who is there for the paramedics at that time?
The author has mentioned about the first time he saw a child die. After that event, he wanted a listening ear so he could get it off his chest but he realized that he was alone in his feelings. The author has also shared his experience when he was the first time in charge of pronouncing a child. He mentioned the importance of having a solid support structure in the life of paramedics to back them in times of need. 
Christopher has also mentioned about the supervisors who care when the paramedics struggle. I like to recommend this book to everyone, especially the new paramedics. Before reading this book, the thought never came to my mind that the caregivers may also need care. This book has opened my eyes to the challenges the paramedics face. The author has advised the paramedics to check on their co-workers and provide them the support they may need. It is one of the best books that I have read. After reading this book, I am inspired to be more kind and caring. A well written book 

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