Jesus Revolution!!!! This Movie Though!!!!

Have you ever felt like you don’t fit the mold? Like doors open for others are closed to you? Have you abused substances? Were you a child watching a parent or both abuse substances or behave in ways that made you feel unworthy?

I shared reviews of this movie over the weekend. It is so moving that Kelsey Grammer, the lead actor, cannot get through an interview about it. I just watched this trailer again before sending it to some friends who I would love to go see it with. I didn’t make it through the trailer without crying.

This movie is something special, like I’ve never seen before. It’s one thing to cry at a tear-jerk date night movie, but this is so much more. The empowerment, the devastation, the joy, the Spirit. It’s all there, and it is so so powerful. I have not been to the theater to watch a movie in a very long time, but I felt called to be there Friday night.

Here we are 3 days later, and I didn’t just watch a movie. I experienced something so much bigger, and I am hoping that you will too. Regardless where you think you stand with Jesus, give this movie a shot.

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